SlimReset - 30lbs in 30 days.
SlimReset - 30lbs in 30 days.

30lbs in 30 days.

Reset your Diet., your Body., your Life.

lasting weight loss is possible, if we begin with our gut.

Our philosophy to weight loss begins in the gut. SlimReset helps reduce inflammation, identify what is causing the inflammation so you can eat the foods that align best with your digestive system. We also promote rapid efficient fat loss with the added benefit of our medically prescribed hormone. SlimReset is a total weight loss transformation, and everything you need is conveniently shipped to your door.

slimreset includes:

medically prescribed hormone and supplements

medically prescribed hormone and supplements

In phase one, we pair your mealplan Slimination with our medically prescribed hormone. Our clients experience rapid, targeted fat loss, while protecting lean muscle and healthy tissue. Men have lost 30lbs in 30 days, while women see 25lbs in 30 days on average.

gutChek food sensitivity test

gutChek, our food sensitivity test

On SlimReset we know inflammation is the culprit and gutChek our food sensitivity test is the key to identifying your sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies personalizing as we go.

Slimination Mealplan

Slimination, the mealplan that's personalized for you, by you.

Slimination is our guided mealplan that is anti-inflammatory by design and supports our medically prescribed hormone in phase 1.

Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

You are personally guided by a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant for personalized support and data driven metrics

The app you download will provide you with daily inspiration and protocol to keep you on plan and compliant. Your coach is a tap away.

3 phases to a whole new you.

Phase One:

reset your diet.

From day one of SlimReset you reset the way you eat. You begin your very low calorie diet paired with the medically prescribed hormone and supplements to promote targeted fat loss while we reduce the inflammation your body is experiencing.

Phase One Meal Planning

Phase Two:

reset your body.

Phase 2 is your stabilization phase. You start to increase your calories guided by your gutCheck results and coach. You will be empowered to make better food choices in maintenance.

Phase Two Inflammation

Phase Three:

reset your life.

Phase 3 is where you begin to apply your new knowledge around better food choices and overall maintenance strategies. Empowered, you will put into practice your new life habits.

Phase Three New Life

Client Testimonials

I Can and I Will.

Mike H.

July 2017
Lost almost 30lbs in 30 days, got another 60lbs to go, so well on the way. I do find I feel hungry at times (mostly the mornings) but usually an apple fixes that. You can't argue with the facts and stepping on the scale every day to find I have lost another pound or two gives a real feeling of moving forward and accomplishment.
SlimReset is an easy to follow program that allowed me to loose 20 pounds in about 6 weeks. Dr Neva Aluwalia offered a brief but complete orientation that was simple to follow and offered timely answers to all my questions or concerns. She offered helpful advice that worked to address challenges. I particularly enjoyed that, unlike similar competitors, this program allowed me to continue the fitness activities I enjoy and encouraged incorporation of a wide selection of healthy vegetables at every meal. The recipes offered new tasty ideas that I will continue to prepare. Now that I am almost done the maintenance program, I must say this is the best weight loss program I have ever tried.

Laura Lee B.

September 2018

Our Team

We believe that empowered wellness is possible for everyone. When we give our bodies the opportunity to thrive rather than just survive we begin to live optimally. Wellness is possible for you. Our program and products support optimal wellness for you.

Melissa D'Souza

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Lucy Mrakawa

Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder

Ryan Sutherland

Chief Marketing Officer, Co-founder

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